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As a project manager, identify a project and a reasonable change a customer might wish to make to that project. For example, if you are creating a website for a customer, they may wish to incorporate a new color scheme or logo to improve or enhance their corporate brand. In the situation you describe, consider the following:

o  What should be the process for securing a change request?
o  Who is authorized to approve or accept a change request?
o  How should such a change be tracked?
o  Is there a cost or modification to the project timeline to accommodate the request?
o  If the change is minor, should the cost be passed on to the customer-why or why not?
o  What is a reasonable number of change requests for a project?
o  Is there ever a valid reason to disallow a change request or to stop accepting change requests? Please describe a situation to justify your answer.

•  You find that a member of your team has accepted a change from a customer and the customer did not put the change in writing.

o  How should this issue be handled with the employee?
o  Should the change be honored or rejected?
o  How will this decision and the proper change request procedure be relayed to the customer?

Reference no: EM131224228

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