Identify a few problems related to your nature of business

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Quality Systems Management

Word Limit: Approximately 4500 words.

Assignment Question

What quality improvement plan or methods can you think of for your company?

a) Identify a few problems related to your nature of business. Next, select the most important problems or failures to analyse further.

b) Analyse the selected problems, elaborate on your findings, recommend solutions for improvement using the following guidelines and your concluding remarks:-

'problem identification, department or personnel involved, list of ideas brainstormed, ideas selected, manpower requirements, new technology limitations, pilot trial, implementation target, approximate cost to implement solution, evaluation of pilot run, implementation plan, procedures, documentation, etc.'

(elaborate your assignment using some of the quality tools such as data collections, pareto chart, histogram, fishbone diagram, FMEA, FTA and other relevant tools)


Reference no: EM13849974

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