Identify a drug produced by rdna technology

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Assisted Reproductive Technology

Complete the following discussions:

• rDNA technology, also known as gene cloning, is a technique widely used in medical research. It involves adding genes from one organism to the genome of another. This technology has also been used to produce drugs to treat a variety of illnesses.

Identify a drug produced by rDNA technology, other than the drugs listed in your textbook. Describe the illness it is used to treat. In your opinion, should this technology be used to treat patients? Why or why not?

• Genetic testing is widely used to identify a variety of diseases and helps predict their outcomes. Newborn screening is a type of genetic testing routinely performed to detect a variety of disorders. However, each state regulates the number of tests that can be performed.
Search the Internet and review your state's regulations for newborn screening. Determine the number and types of tests being performed in your state. In your opinion, should all states be mandated to screen for all disorders that newborn screening detects? Why or why not?

Reference no: EM131028807

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