Identify a current problem within the campus

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Question: Identify a current problem within the campus or the Howard County community. Research the issue and create a solution to solve the problem. The analysis and results are presented as a persuasive speech.

• The speech should be 4-6 minutes

• Include 3 sources to support your findings

• Include a presentational aid

Potential problems include lack of student involvement in campus-wide issues, low student-voter turnout, tuition increases, problems with the student health service, volunteering, mentoring programs, parking problems, and alcohol abuse problems. It is possible for students to identify a problem and then work with Student Life, Student Senate, or some academic or support department in gathering data (surveys or interviews) to utilize in the speech.

Reference no: EM132184154

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This (5-7-pages) research paper cannot be rewritten so proofread your work carefully. The prospectus for the research paper should be typed and should not exceed 300 words:

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