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Deliverable- Communication Plan


This deliverable is designed to help you explore the management of functional teams and project stakeholders by utilizing various communication strategies.

Definition of Mastery

· Includes all project communications relevant to the specifics of the ECE project.
· Overall communication plan is sufficiently detailed and comprehensive for successful operation and completion of the project.
· Provides a description of each individual communication deliverable, the frequency of communication, and the method of delivery.
· Identifies the audience by name for each deliverable.
· Document is presented in a correctly formatted manner appropriate to the workplace.
· Utilizes supplied template.


Communication with other members of the project team and with stakeholders is a crucial part of achieving success. To govern project communication, project managers create a Communication Plan, which is used to both detail the frequency of communication and to relay important details of the project. This deliverable, then, asks that you create a Communication Plan. To do so, observe the following steps:

1. Download the Communication Template and Company Details documents.

2. Complete the template with the following information

a. Communication Type
b. Specific communication deliverable
c. Description of the communication deliverable
d. Frequency of communication
e. Person responsible for preparing the report
f. Audience of communication

Reference no: EM131029538

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