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Ethics Project - Internal Memo

Now that you have identified the trending and possible ethical concerns for your business, it is time to hold an HR training meeting! This week you are going to create an "Internal Memo" that is going to be sent out to all employees and administrators urging them to attend the upcoming mandatory HR meeting. Your letter must be a minimum of one page and include the following attributes:

• Reason behind the meeting

• Date, time and location of the meeting

• Repercussions for not attending the meeting

• Options if you have an emergency and cannot attend the meeting

• Urge/Persuade everyone to be present

• Outline what you will be discussing during the meeting/the concept being the meeting.

These elements can be in any order but must be present for full credit on the assignment. This paper is not required to be in APA formatting and should not include citations or quotes of any kind. You may use an available memo template, such as a template that can be found in Microsoft Word.

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