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This week you continue to work on a component, the Organizational Assessment, of your Executive Summary. An organizational assessment is needed to identify the best approach for project implementation and to gauge whether or not this project will be a success in this organization. This week, you will introduce the organizational assessment component of the Key Assignment that you will complete by the end of the course.

The introduction of the organizational assessment report should include the following:

Introduction to the Organization:

Provide an overview of the nature of the organization.

Identify the stakeholders in the organization.

What is the organizational culture?

Describe how the topic of study could benefit your organization - "Total Quality Management in Healthcare Management; The Role of Technology"


You will identify the analysis tools that you used to perform an assessment of your organization relative to your topic of study.

Your assessment needs to contain measurements and benchmarks.

Include tables and graphs to demonstrate the findings of your assessment.

Risk Analysis:

Identify what risks or challenges will be identified as a result of the organizational assessment.

Can this project be undertaken within the boundaries of state and federal regulation?

Are there any potential stark or antikickback concerns?

Are there resources available to undertake the project?

Add this to your Executive Summary along with any citations and references that are used using APA formatting for all cited references. Submit a report of your organizational assessment process. This is the first part of your Executive Summary.

Reference no: EM132185143

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