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Marketing case study : Case Study I: Cymbalta

1) Identification of the strategic issues and problems- This section contains a focused paragraph defining the problem. A problem well-defined is half solved therefore your analysis must contain a clear statement as to the underlying problem facing the organization. Specify the constraints and options available to the organization.

2) Analysis and evaluation. This section contains thoughtful and succinct assessment of industry, market, buyer behavior and organization. Be careful not to restate case information, rather focus on assessment and interpretation of the facts, qualitative and quantitative data and management views. The SWOT analysis framework is one of the useful tools to use in case analysis

This section should also present three alternative courses of actions with pros and cons analysis for each alternative.

3) Recommendations. This section presents set of recommendations chosen from the alternatives discussed in the previous section. Make sure those recommendations are coming out of your assessment of the situation. Recommendations should be operational and realistic given the case situation.

Reference no: EM13723618

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