Identification of opportunities and threats

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Assignment: Individual Reflective Essay

Reflective Piece - Record and reflect on your development as a strategist over the course of the semester. Each individual is to write a reflective essay that demonstrates a significant personal insight into your development as a strategist.

Your reflective essay needs to demonstrate an active engagement with both theory and your personal experience and it must demonstrate how exposure to the strategic management theory has (or has not) changed the way you think/act and what, if any plans you have to build on this in the future.

How we'll assess your work For the reflective piece, we are seeking to understand how deeply you have engaged with the material presented in this course and what the personal implications of this are for you as a practitioner.

We are interested in how you are able to draw connections between your personal experience and the strategic management discipline and how well you are able to connect the strategic management discipline to the other disciplines that you have studied in your university career. For the criteria relating to the marking of this assignment, see the marking rubric posted on the Black Board site. Academic staff will base their judgement on the quality of work you submit and how well it meets the requirements of the assignment.
We will undertake a rigorous and transparent moderation process to ensure that all work is assessed to the same degree and standard.

Chapters covered:

(Textbook: Strategic management: an integrated approach 11th edition. Authors: Charles W.L. Hill, Gareth R.Jones, Melissa A. Schilling)

1) Introduction to strategic management

2) The environment

3) Strategic capabilities

4) Strategic leadership: managing the strategy - making process for competitive advantage

5) External analysis: the identification of opportunities and threats

6) Internal analysis: distinctive competencies, competitive advantage, and profitability

7) Building competitive advantage through functional-level strategies

8) Business level strategies

9) Business level strategies and industry environment

10) Strategy and technology

11) Strategy in the global environment

12) Corporate level strategy: horizontal integration, vertical integration, and strategic outsourcing

13) Corporate level strategy: related and unrelated diversification

14) Corporate performance, governance, and business ethics

15) Implementing strategy in companies that compete in a single industry

16) Implementing strategy in companies that compete across industries and countries.

Reference no: EM13836129

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