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Use 5 forces analysis to write 1 page idea abstract about my idea, it is enough info to write your 1 page idea abstract and commit it.

Remember: For licensed product - remember that the Brand identity and how that lifestyle plays into the customer's mindset is very important.  If you are selling Louis Vuitton product,  they will more expensive than those from other stores.  Why does your customer want to purchase yours?  It is about lifestyle, identity and how the brand enhances their lifestyle.

Ideas for Business Concept Track

Innovative concept aligning with the business plans and the projects that can be implemented with the existing company are:

1. LV brand:

- Pet series (cartoon photo, such as dog, cat, bird, fish, etc), it can include product series (such as key chain, wallet, handbag, sunglasses rim, cloth).

- The idea of inspiration from Fendi Brand "Monster" series.

Attachment:- 5 forces analysis.pptx

Reference no: EM13837062

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