Idealized influence and inspirational motivation

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1) Who is the most influential leader you have come in contact with personally? What forms of power did they have, and which types of influence did they use to accomplish objectives?

2) Consider the four dimensions of transformational leadership: idealized influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation, and individualized consideration. Which of those dimensions would you respond to most favorably? Why?

3) Which of the organizational forms described in this chapter do you think leads to the highest levels of motivation among workers? Why?

Reference no: EM131149382

Identify why this stage is important in the policy cycle

As noted in the readings, the policy cycle consists of eight stages: agenda setting, problem definition, alternative selection, authoritative decision, policy design, program

Discuss two brands for which you are brand loyal

Discuss two brands for which you are brand loyal. Why are you loyal to these brands? Then discuss two brands that you just purchase via brand inertia. Why do you feel that you

The quality management system that focuses on meeting

The quality management system that focuses on meeting customers' needs and practices to help build a customer-focused culture along with techniques to enhance design of work

The additional of a new and improved pulsating blender

The pointer appliance company is investigating the additional of a new and improved pulsating blender to its line of consumer appliances. the product chops, grinds, grates, an

Tructure and the performance of distribution networks

With the advancement of the technology, all of you see the rise of e-businesses. Chopra and Meindl (2010) noted that e-business has an impact on the structure and the performa

Proposed accounting standards update

At January 1, 2016, Café Med leased restaurant equipment from Crescent Corporation under a nine-year lease agreement. The lease agreement specifies annual payments of $25,000

Support operations and implement strategic initiatives

The resources needed to support operations and implement strategic initiatives can far surpass those available. What is the role of the board in establishing organizational

How the new architecture supports the goals and strategy

"Enterprise architecture (EA) at American Express was the framework the organization used to align IT and the business. EA provided a common language for leaders to use to col


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