Idea of drg-based prospective payment mechanism

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Discuss the idea of DRG-based prospective payment mechanism for hospitals. Discuss the potential effects of DRG payment on quantity of services produced by the hospitals, composition of different types of services offered, incentives for adoption of cost-saving technology, quality of care and competition among hospitals in the market.

Reference no: EM13740978

Example of negative externality

The consumption of alcohol is often cited as an example of a negative externality. Explain a situation in which the consumption of alcohol would be considered to be a negative

Characteristics relate to perfect competition

Which of the following characteristics relate to perfect competition? The curve that is most relevant to the firm's decision to produce or shut down in the short run is:

Compute total revenue at the three meal prices

Suppose you are the manager of a restaurant that serves an average of 400 meals per day at an average price per meal of $20. On the basis of a survey, you have determined that

What your policy proposals are to increase consumer spending

Imagine you are a member of Congress. Since consumer spending comprises at least 2/3 of real GDP, you know that increasing that spending would boost the U.S. economy in the sh

Risk neutral principal hires risk neutral agent to work

A risk neutral principal hires a risk neutral agent to work on a project. The project can either yield high output h or low output l. The probability of h depends on the agent

Market forces that will eventually cause cartel to collapse

If several different sovereign nations form a cartel within the energy industry such that the four-firm concentration ratio is 0.90, does the concentration ratio necessarily r

Consumers expect the price of the good to rise in the future

Explain with graph what happens to aggregate demand curve, and/or aggregate supply curve for the following situations: Consumers expect the price of the good to rise in the fu

Identifying and shaping public opinion

Identifying and shaping public opinion has become a major goal of campaigns and elections. Identify and discuss the process by which people develop their political ideas. What


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