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Discuss the issues raised in the following hypothetical situations based on information learned in the textbook. A real estate licensee must treat customers fairly. Customers are entitled to know material information about property that affects its value such as defects in the premises, title problems and boundary encroachments. Clients are entitled to all this information and the licensee's opinion regarding market value, assistance in marketing the home and negotiation strategy. Clients are entitled to loyalty, confidentiality and obedience as well as other duties previously discussed. Agents should not engage in fraud in discharging their duty to clients however. Customers are to be treated fairly but not equally.

Aron has an appointment to show 83 acres of rural property he listed to a potential buyer. In discussing his appointment with another licensee in his office he learns that the property adjacent to the listed property had a test on their well water six months ago which showed the water unsafe to drink.

1. Does Aron have to reveal the existence of the test to the buyer? Does he have to reveal it to the seller who listed it with him? How should he advise the seller?

Reference no: EM131283882

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