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Instructions: Read the following hypothetical situation and draft a legally enforceable valid, bilateral, express, informal, executory contract given the facts in the summary. Keep in mind what you have learned in class and the textbook regarding contract law. Format: Type your assignment and use full sentences rather than bullet points. In addition, keep the length of your contract to no more than two pages. Use one-inch margins and 12-point font (single-spaced). Your project is to draft a legal contract with terms that both the buyer and the seller agree to. Your beloved German Shepherd dog, Generous Offer, has just given birth to a litter of pure?bred puppies. You would like to sell the puppies for $2000 each. You know you need to have each buyer sign a contract so that there will be no misunderstandings in the future. Mr. Snoopy Dogg wants to buy one of your puppies. Mr. Dogg eventually intends to show this dog in the ring and wants your guarantee that the dog will do well and win prizes. He insists that he will not buy the puppy unless you can guarantee him that the puppy will win prizes. Create a contract in which you sell one of the pure?bred puppies to Mr. Snoopy Dogg for $2000. It is a brown, male dog, named "King of Contracts." His litter registration number is 02?500. His Sire is "Legal Star"; registration number 5544332. His Dame is "Generous Offer"; registration number 9977886. You may use any sources you can find, including any sample contracts you might locate on the Internet. This is the one time that you do NOT have to worry about plagiarizing work...lawyers use samples from other lawyers all the time. BUT you do have to make the sure the contract is legal and enforceable, and contains all the terms that both you and Mr. Dogg want. The key to success with this contract is to remember that parties can agree to any terms they want (as long as they are legal) and the buyer of this dog wants a guarantee that the dog will win prizes. What are you, as the seller, willing to do if the dog does NOT win any prizes? Source: Strategies for Success: A Resource for Faculty and Students Middlesex Community College, Bedford, MA.

Reference no: EM132184141

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