Hypothesize the risk and expected return for investors

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You are the proud owner of Wiley Brothers Traveling Circus. It was left to you in your dear Uncle Fred's will. One Ferris wheel, one large big top tent, assorted animals, 27 circus people, and the vans and trucks needed for transportation. It's been financially holding its own but after a year you have decided to expand, upgrade your equipment, and hire a headline trapeze artist from France. You need an influx of cash to make this happen. You have two large private investors and a Florida theme park that would like to invest but wants you to winter every year at their landmark park.


Use your own numbers to include current and anticipated expenses and profits.

As the owner it's up to you to make this look attractive to your investors. Hypothesize the risk and expected return for you investors. What's the potential? What are the risks?

Your paper should be 1 - 2 pages in length.

Reference no: EM13750386

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