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SSC buffer is frequently used as an ingredient in DNA hybridization studies. You have 550 ml of a stock solution of 0.2 M SSC buffer. You need to make 100 ml of hybridization solution containing the working concentration of 50 mM SSC buffer. How much SSC stock should you have to use to make this new solution? Round to the nearest hundredth. In mL

Reference no: EM132280293

Why do we need dna polymerase

Why do we need DNA polymerase I and not just DNA polymerase III, if polymerase I is just initiating DNA replication and polymerase III does all the "heavy lifting" and continu

Find the maximum total number of rfus

A student analyze 5,000 RFUs in a 200ul aliquot from a G3-500 ml culture. How many total RFUs will be present in a G3-15ml sample? During rGFP purification in lab#4.

Illustrate the adaptations that increase the efficiency

These experiments demonstrated that DNA is the genetic material of phage and that protein does not transmit genetic information. Can this same experiment be carried out with 3

Gene for eye color is sex-linked

In fruit flies, the gene for eye color is sex-linked (X-chromosome) and red eye color is dominant over white. The gene for body color is an autosomal trait with gray dominan

Discussion on neutral theory

Some evolutionary biologists have argued that the neutral theory should be taken as the null hypothesis to explain genetic variation within species or populations and genetic

Determining the genotypes of parents

The pattern of coat coloration in dogs is determined by the alleles of a single gene, with S being dominant over s. Black coat color is determined by the dominant allele A of

A bacterial cell uptakes and incorporates exogenous dna

1. A bacterial cell uptakes and incorporates exogenous DNA; this results in development of new features within this cell. Name the process. 2. You stain bacterial cells with c

Using the information above, calculate the client

Diana is a 37-year-old mother of 2 children. She used to exercise fairly consistently (mostly jogging and light aerobic activities) before having kids. Ever since she had her


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