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Assume you are a representative from a telecommunications company. Your company wants to add a cell tower to a particular region where customers often complain about disrupted cell phone service. The Red Cross owns property where the cell tower would optimally be placed. Your job is to come up with a strategy to influence the Red Cross to allow your company to put a cell tower on their property. The Red Cross’ stated values are provided below.

• Humanitarianism - Personally committing to life giving humanitarian principles.

• Stewardship - Growing innovatively in our ability to serve while assuring that our business practices are congruent with our public trust and American Red Cross name and emblem.

• Helping Others - Providing help, and appreciating, affirming and celebrating each other.

• Unity - Being unified in our diversity - together a compelling force for humanity.

• Voluntary Spirit - Being motivated by generosity, compassion, and hope.

• Continuous Learning - Improving ourselves and our service to others through creative and continuous learning.

1. How would you influence the Red Cross Representative? Please be sure to include in your answer a discussion of the tactic you used and why you chose it.

2. What tactics would you want to avoid using? Why?

Reference no: EM131366741

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