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1. Supply Chain Future Trends

In an essay format, research and discuss at least five supply chain management trends that you believe will occur over the next decade. Which of these trends do you believe will be most impactful and why? How will these trends affect your organization and your role at your organization?Provide a reference for your answer.

2. Human Resources and Supply Chain Management

Discuss how human resources might affect a company’s strategic planning process. Include why human resources have become so popular in recent years and how it relates to supply chain management.

Reference no: EM132185192

Obligation of an organizations management to make decisions

The obligation of an organization's management to make decisions and take actions that will enhance the welfare and interests of society as well as the organization is referre

General academic writing characteristics

After watching the video write from 2 up to 4 small paragraphs in this Journal expressing in your own voice what's happening in situation shown in the video. Use the general

Create a histogram of profit at the production level q

Create a histogram of profit at the production level Q. Create a histogram of profit when the production level Q equals mean demand. What is the probability of a loss greate

Failure to maintain academic and scholastic integrity

Failure to maintain academic/scholastic integrity is therefore not only a violation of the requirements for Walden University but of the profession of social work as it will b

Which ones are invalid for use in an lp problem and why

The mathematical relationships that follow were formulated by an operations research analyst at the Smith-Lawton Chemical Company. Which ones are invalid for use in an LP pr

Value of performance evaluations and performance management

Describe the factors/components you would include in a performance management program and validate those items. Explain the value of performance evaluations and performance ma

Addressing their concerns about local health risk

You run the epidemiology department for a county health department. Your job includes continuing to update data and profiles for the county in a way that helps in grant gettin

Explain the disadvantages of nucor choice

Instead of a separate performance appraisal system, Nucor judges performance based on bottom line of quality, productivity, and profitability. What are the disadvantages of Nu


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