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1. How would the economic system affect the company GOOGLE human resource management in international market.

2. What do you believe would be involved in creating a franchise operation for your business?

3. Assume a grandmother tries to enter into a contract with her grandson saying that she will pay for college if he promises never to smoke marijuana. Assuming that the grandson agrees, would the contract be enforceable or would it fail for a lack of consideration on the part of the grandson? Why?

Reference no: EM132184076

What is the business process for apple inc

What is the business process for Apple Inc? Can this process be improved to better meet customer needs? Analyze the process using the DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improv

Labor law in international distribution agreement

Using a product of your choice and a country of your choice, determine what would be the best method of entry for an exporter interested in that market.  Justify your decision

Project initiation process group includes processes

Project initiation process group includes processes from two project management knowledge areas – Integration and Stakeholder management. Which of the following is an output o

Autocratic-participative and democratic-free rein

Which management style would be the best in the following situations (Autocratic, participative/democratic, Free rein), and why? The FBI is about the enter a home where people

Secure method of getting paid in international business

Cash in advance is the most secure method of getting paid in international business. Products or services that are well-received at a firm's home country are in general more l

Dimensions of culture presented in hofstede framework

Examine the four dimensions of culture presented in Hofstede's framework. What strategies would you recommend in dealing with a different culture that is polar on each of the

Outcome is applicable to your current or desired profession

Given the Case and SLP outcomes that appear at the beginning of every home page of every module, identify and briefly discuss two learning outcomes you achieved which are appl

Harvard business review critique the arguments

Summary of the article" before you make that big decision "harvard business review critique the arguments given in the readings, illustrate the points with examples drawn from


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