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1. "Maquiladoras" have had the following effect on Mexico and America:

A. Low wage jobs in the United States have all gone there

B. Population growth along the US Mexico border was higher in the US border towns

C. Unemployment levels went down in the US border towns

D. Wages increased on both sides of the US Mexico border

E. Both countries would be better off if the work had moved to the Far East

2. Which of the following events is likely to challenge a company's ability to manage diversity?

A. A U.S. company decides to set up manufacturing facilities in Mexico.

B. A company with a decidedly participative style of management merges with one that has an autocratic leader.

C. A company in Buffalo, NY hires 40 computer technicians from Quebec, Canada.

D. A Massachusetts investment company decides to open an office near Mississippi casinos.

E. In all of the above situations, the human resource department will have to manage diversity.

3. Human resource information management (HRIM) systems:

A. are used to gather, analyze, and distribute information about the people in an organization

B. contain information about the organizations' internal and external environments

C. are used to keep current with the needs of the organizations' stakeholders

D. provide competitive information for the purposes of employee recruitment

E. check to see if organizational hiring practices are in line with federal government regulations

Reference no: EM131028597

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