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1. What do we mean by the terms ‘Best fit' and ‘Best practice' to describe SHRM (Strategic Human Resource Management). Which is better? Use any short case examples to illustrate your discussion?

2. How are Human Resource Departments responding to the challenge of SHRM?

3. Outline the main principles of Human Resource Planning.

4. Outline the main uses of Competence models in SHRM.

5. Outline the main features and uses of Human Resource Planning in SHRM?

6. What are the main ways that Human Resource Departments are responding to the challenge of SHRM?

7. What are the main features of Lawler's model on strategic issues in reward management?

8. What are the main features of a Performance Management System?

9. How do Performance Management Systems relate to organizational strategy? How do they support SHRM?

10. Why are employee relations potentially problematic in SHRM? Suggest ways to improve that.

11. Discuss the main features of a Learning Organization. Why is important in a strategic HRD approach to organizing development?

12. Outline the main features of the organizational development process as laid down by Beckard?

13. What do we mean by the term "Culture" in SHRM? Why is it important?

14. What are the main strategic reward options available to organization?

15. Why are reward systems potentially a problem for SHRM and what are the main ways that SHRM can integrate reward within SHRM?

Reference no: EM13220052

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