Human behavior and mental processes.

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Psychology is the study of the human behavior and mental processes. As human beings we are like computers, store, memorize, and process information. As we get older our personalities are developed based on what we see, learn, and hear through our personal experiences. Also, Peoples in daily life experiences both behaviorally and cognitively, which they acknowledge and judge people based on their mannerism, the way they carry themselves, conduct themselves. If a person has good bearing and conducts themselves in a certain way, people will pick up on it and remember them for it, as well as judge the based on it. For example, if someone acts rude, gossipy, then judge them and perceive them a being childish. The behaviorally and cognitively also contributes to the term dealing with nature versus nurture debate. When discussing nature versus nurture debate which is one of the oldest issues in psychology, which is centers around how people learn traits from genetic inheritance and environmental factors; one can say that they are connected because people get their behavior, mannerism from genetics, and what they picked up from their environment. The influences in our personal life experiences, and personal perceptions of events, and the way we processes them is and information including a consideration of information processing during sleep and information retrieval is due to our cognitive process is associated with ability to remember, reasoning, problem-solving and thinking throughout our lives. According to,” Early childhood is not only a period of amazing physical growth, it is also a time of remarkable mental development, where Cognitive abilities associated with memory, reasoning, problem-solving and thinking continues to emerge throughout childhood which was discovered by the work of psychologist Jean Piaget. Psychologist Jean Piaget was a profound psychology and educator who developed an interest in the intellectual development of children, which he observed children and found that they are not less intelligent than adults, they simply think differently. From his observations he developed cognitive frameworks for the Stages of Cognitive Development, which are The Sensorimotor Stage, The Preoperational Stage, The Concrete Operational Stage, and .The Formal Operational Stage. The Sensorimotor Stage is a period of time between birth and age two which an infant's knowledge of the world is limited their sensory perceptions and motor activities. The Preoperational Stage is A period between ages two and six during which a child learns to use language, but does understand concrete logic, or can’t mentally manipulate information. The Concrete Operational Stage is a period between ages seven and eleven during which children gain a better understanding of mental operations, where they start to think logically, but have difficulty understanding abstract or hypothetical concepts. Lastly, The Formal Operational Stage is a period between age twelve to adulthood when people develop the ability think logically, deductive reasoning and systematic plan.

Reference no: EM13133785

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