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Course Project: HRMIS Data Analysis and Recommendations

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Description and Scenario

You are an HRM consultant who was hired to provide some analysis and strategic recommendations based on data pulled from your client company. From the data provided in the following pages, titled "HRMIS Reports," you will be providing analysis and strategic recommendations.


You have been given five HRMIS reports containing data about your client company. From these reports, you will provide the following two components of information to your client.

1. Analysis: After reviewing the data pulled from the client's HRMIS system, you are asked to tell your client what the data mean. In other words, analyze the information, identify patterns, and conduct an assessment to share your conclusions with your client.

2. Strategic Recommendations: Now that you have provided some conclusions, what recommendations would you provide to this company? Thoroughly validate those recommendations. For example, what patterns can you identify from the reports? Would you recommend additional HRM functions be converted into the HRMIS? Explain why.

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Reference no: EM131419409

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