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In today's corporate and globalized business environment, HRM (Human Resource Management) is one of the essential tools for the business organizations that determine overall success of the corporation (Amos, Ristow, Pearse & Ristow, 2009). In addition, HRM also deals with a variety of tools, elements, strategies and processes that plays significant role in the growth of organizations effectively. At the same time, it is also observed that, without human resource, any company or firm cannot fulfill their strategic objectives and vision.

This report inhibits:

Aim and Objective of the Research

Changing Landscape of HRM

Changing Landscape of OB

Tools of HRM and OB

Tools of HRM:

Tools of OB:

Challenges for the HRM and OB


Cross Cultural Dynamics of Contemporary Organizations

Propagation of HRM and OB in Multinational Environments

Influence of Culture in Enactment of HRM Practices in MNCs



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