How your personality and values have influenced

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Question 1 - First, watch the video lecture below to learn more about how your perception creates your reality.[streamerType]=auto

Now, please respond to the following discussion "I used to be indecisive. Now I'm not so sure":

  • Watch the video titled "Making decisions" (4 min 4 s). Next, provide an example of how your personality and values have influenced your actions and / or decisions in your current or past organization. Be specific as to the particular action or decision that your personality and values influenced. Next, construct your own decision-making maxim, and explain the significant way(s) that your personality and values align to said maxim. Consider in your maxim the integration of ethical decision making criterion and integration of diversity receptors.

Question 2 - First, watch the video lecture below to learn why the source of your motivation matters more than you might think.[streamerType]=auto

Next, please respond to the following discussion "Moved to Action":

  • Compare and contrast the significant similarities and differences among the theories of goal setting, self-efficacy, and reinforcement. Specify the theory that you believe most closely aligns with your current or future approach to motivating employees. Support your response with at least one (1) example that demonstrates your approach to employee motivation.

Question 3 - First, watch the video lecture below to learn why knowing the difference between a team and a group can help you at work.[streamerType]=auto

Now, please respond to the following discussion "No Man is an Island":

  • Suggest at least one (1) scenario in which understanding the Five Stages of Group Development could help you to work more effectively in groups in the future. Provide a rationale for your response. Then, reflect on an experience that you had being a member of a team. Classify the good, bad, and tolerable characteristics of being a team member.

Reference no: EM131153426

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