How your neuromuscular systems feel in a resting state

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For this assignment, you will be completing an exercise activity and explaining your own respiratory, cardiovascular, and neuromuscular responses to exercise. First, you will need to complete the PAR Q Readiness Assessment Questionnaire to ensure that it is safe for you to complete this exercise. You must submit the PAR Q prior to doing this assignment. If you are cleared to exercise, then you may proceed with the following activity. If you are not cleared to exercise, find an adult participant who is cleared by the PAR Q Assessment and who is willing to complete it for you. You may use this person's responses to complete the journal.

• Sit quietly for 5 minutes.

• Write down and explain how your respiratory, cardiovascular, and neuromuscular systems feel in a resting state. (Write down specific data for breathing rate, heart rate, intensity of muscular contraction or lack there of)

• Next, complete the following activities: jog in place for 3 minutes. Then complete as many push- ups as you can in 3 minutes. If you cannot perform push-ups for 3 minutes, do as many as you can until you fatigue.

• Then write down the acute responses to the cardiovascular, respiratory, and neuromuscular system that you noticed during these activities. (Write down your heart rate and breathing rate following the exercise, how do your muscles feel? Are you short of breath? Does your heart feel like it is pounding?) (Refer to Chapter 10, Table 1 on how to calculate your heart rate)

• Finally, discuss three chronic adaptations to each of these systems that would occur with long-term exercise.

Reference no: EM131122615

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