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Question :

1 Select five HR practices that promote positive employee relations and legal compliance.

The HR practices you choose must include at least one alternative dispute resolution (ADR) technique and at least one labor relations practice.

2-Explain how you would apply the selected HR practices to your organization.

3-Consider relevant legal and ethical considerations and the influence of organizational culture and norms on employee and labor relations.

4-Explain how these practices will promote HR as a strategic employee relations partner and enforcer.

5-State your selected organization''s mission, vision, and values.
As the employee relations manager of this organization, explain how you would ensure that the mission, vision, values, and applicable employment laws complement each other.

6-Compose a 1- to 2-sentence statement for the organization''s employee handbook that reflects the organization''s commitment to positive employee relations and compliance with state and federal employment laws.
Please use sub-headers for each item


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Employee relations are key to the effective functioning of any organization. Good employee relations not only keep a system function smoothly, but they do also work for meeting the objectives of the organization more efficiently. Any organization with effective employee relations program will manage the relations between the employee and employer more smoothly.

Employee relationship programmes are nothing but deliberate plans to sharpen the company mission and functionalities with a net effect to improve the competitive edge of the organization in the market place.

Some of the main criterion where the organization generally works for employee issues are pay and benefits, support of the work-life balance, provision of safe working conditions etc. Several successful organizations are found to tune their human resources strategies in line with improvement of the employee relations.

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