How you will use operational planning to reach the objective

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Strategic and Operational Management Presentation

You have been tasked with improving the focus of ethical behavior and social responsibility of your organization along with driving an appreciation of diversity.

Create a 10- to 15-slide PowerPoint presentation on the differences in strategic and operational management with presenter notes:

1) Format slides + introduction -
2) Define strategic management. (at least 2 slides) -
3) Define operational management. (at least 2 slides)
4) Explain how you will use strategic planning to reach those objectives. (at least 2 slides)
5) Explain how you will use operational planning to reach those objectives. (at least 2 slides)
6) Discuss how you would deal with the situations in a specific organization of the team's choice. at least 2 slides. (at least 2 slides)
7) Conclusion + compile individual contributions + submit.

Reference no: EM131229640

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