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This deliverable will enable you to identify current business environments to analyze their impact on organizations, using technology and collaboration tools to perform business functions.


You have an idea for a new business that would create products or services providing important benefits for the consumer. You are very excited at the thought of owning your own company, and you start imagining the steps you would need to take to make this dream a reality.

One of the first things you realize is that you will need to secure investors to help you with the financial aspects of the business, and to do that, you will need a very specific plan of action for your company.

You sit down and start making a list of the things you will need to consider when describing your business to investors.

Below is the list you created. You decide to organize this information in a written document that would attract the interest of investors.

Create that written document making sure you include detailed information about all of the items in your list below. You decide to create a heading for each section to make it easier for investors to read. For example, you might use "Company Description" as the heading for Item 2 in the list.

Select a type of business that you would like to start.

Describe the type of business and the products or services that the business will supply to customers.

Describe how you will create and communicate the value of your product(s) or Service(s) to customers. Include examples of benefits offered by each product or service.

Which external environments will have the most impact on the success of your business? Explain in detail how you will deal with each of those environments.

Explain the ways your business will use technology to create productive, efficient processes.

Reference no: EM132280824

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