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Required Resources


· Course Text: Glanz, K., Rimer, B. K., & Viswanath, K. (Eds.). (2015). Health behavior: Theory, research, and practice (5th ed.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.
· Part Four: "Community and Group Models of Health Behavior Change"

· Chapter 14, "Introduction to Community and Group Models of Health Behavior Change"

· Article: Nguyen, G., Hsu, L., Kue, K.N., Nguyen, T., & Yeun, E. J. (2010). Partnering to collect health services and public health data in hard-to-reach communities: a community-based participatory research approach for collecting community health data. Progress In

Community Health Partnerships: Research, Education, and Action, 4(2), 115-119.

· Article: Khubchandani, J., Balls-Berry, J., Price, JH., Webb, FJ. (2016) Community-Engaged Strategies to Increase Diversity of Participants in Health Education Research. Health Promot Pract. pii: 1524839916644713. PMID: 27091602. Retrieved from Walden Library databases.

· Article: Whitewater S1, Reinschmidt KM2, Kahn C2, Attakai A2, Teufel-Shone NI2. (2016) Flexible Roles for American Indian Elders in Community-Based Participatory Research. Prev Chronic Dis.;13:E72. doi: 10.5888/pcd13.150575. Retrieved from Walden Library Databases.

· Web Resource: American Public Health Association. (2011). Retrieved from

· Web Resource: Public Health Leadership Society. (2002). Principles of the Ethical Practice of Public Health. Retrieved from

Community-Based Participatory Research

Community-based participatory research (CBPR) is a systematic process emphasizing the collaboration of public health leaders and community leaders for research, education, and effecting social change (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, 2004). The purpose of using this approach is to reduce disparity among populations, properly identify critical public health issues, and develop cooperation with community partners. CBPR recognizes and incorporates the various social, political, and economic issues among communities as well as the importance of cultural diversity. This approach also focuses on research methods, developing projects, collecting data, interpreting research results, and creating interventions and it is often valuable for public health leaders in the development and implementation of a public health campaign.

For this Discussion, review the media from last week titled, "Communication for Social Change". Consider the aspects of communication development among communities. Also, review the learning resources and consider the use of CBPR in public health and how you might utilize CBPR in the development of your campaign.


AHRQ. (2012, November 20). Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality activities involving CBPR to reduce health disparities . Retrieved from

Reference no: EM131242930

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