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Two Discussions

Discussion 1:

• Watch the video titled "Scripps," located in Week 5 of your Blackboard course. From the video, isolate one of the many aspects of the Scripps recruitment and interview process that could be most attributable to Scripps' ample supply of registered nurses when there is a nursing shortage across the country. State how you could apply this aspect at your current (or former) place of work.

Discussion 2:

"Business and Government Relations" There are at least two sides to every issue.

Students whose last name begins from A-L will consider their initial response to this question as senior executives of a corporation, for example:

Corporations are people. They are the shareholders who've risked their savings in order to have a better future and a source of income in their old age. They are unions whose member's funds are invested in stocks. All of these people should have the collective right to express how government treats their corporation vis a vis regulations and taxation. Provide your rationale.

Students whose last name begins with M - Z will consider their initial response to this topic as citizens. Consider this article: Fighting Back Against Corporate Personhood . Provide your rationale.

Your subsequent responses to your classmates can be based upon your personal position of this topic.

• Discuss using the ideas, language, terms used in this week's topics.

Reference no: EM131267637

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