How you can use this information would influence the influx

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This week our lectures will cover the sources of information for crime statistics and how we will use the statistics.

For our Unit 2 discussion, please locate crime statistics about a specific crime (murder, rape, domestic violence, theft) in your area or an area of interest to you (state or community) and the second area of your choice to compare and contrast the findings. Consider how you can use this information would influence the influx or decline of people in your area. What could be done in this area to improve the crime rates based on your findings? Offer suggestions to decrease the threat level of your chosen crime in the two areas you have chosen.

Support your work with APA references. Remember to respond to two other learners. 200 WORDS SITE YOUR WORK!

Article: Victimization in the United States: An Overview

Reference no: EM131197346

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