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Read Chapter two from each book.

"Media as Epistemology" Chapter 2 Amusing Ourselves to Death, Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business by Neil Postman "Ownership, Regulation, and Guidance of Media" Chapter 2 Mass Media and American Politics, by Doris A. Graber and Johanna Dunaway Provide 2 - 3 in depth competencies from these chapters.

A conclusion about how you can apply this new knowledge in the future.

Length: Write a 3 page paper.

Format: Write the paper in the first person.

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The report is about the communication media vehicles importance. for this purpose two books are analysed. the traditional media and modern media tool for communication are compared. it is revealed that even there are many benefits offered by modern media, certainly the advantages of traditional media is missing. people are having shallow knowledge and public discourse is severely affected. the conclusion part iterates about the necessity of comparing every media vehicle pros and cons to justify the media use. government and society must make proactive approach to gain optimum benefits by use of different media. the word count is 900.

Reference no: EM131423082

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