How would your selection affect employee retention

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After reading the article "10 Ways to Attract Top Talent by Improving Your Workplace Culture"

Select 2 of the 10 ways listed that you deem most important in the attempt to improve an organizational culture.

Discuss the following items in your response:

 1. What will your selection impact the most (e.g., employee satisfaction, perception, behavior, etc.), and how do you envision the influence on the culture?

2. Did you have organizational performance in mind when making your selection? Explain.

3. How would your selection affect employee retention?

McDonald's has been widely criticized for its advertising practices, which have heavily influenced children. It has also been accused of contributing to childhood obesity. Read the following case study: CASE: McDonald's and Obesity.

Discuss the role of McDonald's (and other fast food restaurant chains), parents, and the government in trying to prevent childhood obesity. Specifically, address the following in your initial post:

1. Does McDonald's have a right to advertise as much as it wants?

2. What role do parents play? What role should government play?

3. Do you think the government should ban advertisements directed toward children? Why or why not?

Reference no: EM131150733

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