How would you use amazon mechanical turks

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1. Use your favorite search engine to find the definition of "Amazon mechanical Turk." If you were conducting a text mining study, how would you use Amazon mechanical Turks?

2. Describe how text mining could be used to mechanically classify restaurant reviews as favorable or unfavorable.

Reference no: EM131380725

Able to communicate your ideas to specific audiences

Marketing is all about being able to communicate your ideas to specific audiences. The purpose of Assessment is to help you practise a specific style of communication, namel

Policymakers be tempted to renege on an announcement

what is meant by the ''time inconsistency'' of economic policy? Why might policymakers be tempted to renege on an announcement they made earlier? In this situation, what is

Discuss fully jess contentions

Gil makes out a $900 negotiable promissory note payable to Ben. By special indorsement, Ben transfers the note for value to Jess. By blank indorsement, Jess transfers the no

How are it services structured

What are the major results areas of integrated IT performance management? How do these results areas relate to your IT structures and processes? What is the mindset of senio

What is knapsack problem

Extend the knapsack problem to cope with logical precedence between activities. For instance, say that activity 1 can be selected only if activities 2, 3, and 4 are selected

Worked with asbestos products

For sixteen years, Mrs. Dorothy Mae Palmer had been married to an insulator who worked with asbestos products. Mrs. Palmer was not exposed to asbestos dust in a factory sett

What was the purpose of calculating a cohens d

What was the purpose of calculating a Cohen's d? When is a Cohen's d calculated? Interpret d=.90. What does it mean in this example? What if the researcher compared the ado

To rush the product out to meet the competition

The Quick Company has learned that a competitor is planning to come out with a new kind of product with a great sales potential. Quick has been working on a similar product


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