How would you go about doing so

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Question: When writing a Stance Essay, you are trying to convince your reader to take your position."

How would you go about doing so?

Voice, Tone, and Point of View

1. Consider the following when writing your Stance Essay:

• Voice: How do you feel about the topic? How do you want your readers to feel?

• Tone is always formal.

• Point of View (POV): Third person.

2. Share 2-3 sentences from your Stance Essay and bold the words that help you express this voice and tone and underline the words that show the use of POV.

3. Share any struggles and successes you are having with revising your Stance Essay.

Peer Feedback:

After you have posted, provide a classmate with feedback. Did your classmate's voice match your his or her purpose? Offer ideas for improvement where needed, and celebrate one or more strengths in your classmate's writing.

How to give feedback: A "good" peer review is specific and combines suggestions for improvement and praise for what works well. A "poor" peer review does not give specifics and does not offer insight to help your classmate reflect on or improve his or her writing.

*Be certain to review the Sample Stance Essay, with revision notes, located in the MY PROFESSOR link.

The Stance Essay is due Monday, Dec. 10th, at 10:00 a.m., EDT.

There will be a penalty for late submissions.

Reference no: EM132184301

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