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Part -1:

1. What caused the conflict between the project managers and the other employees?

2. How would you design the authorities of a project manager at BEC?

3. BEC is still growing and needs to hire more employees. For the future, do you have any suggestions for Mr. Zheng about employee qualifications and training sessions? 

Part -2:

A typical project at BEC included the following procedures:

1. Conducting interviews to collect information: At the beginning of each project, BEC would interview employees in the customer company to collect information on employee stress, such as the sources of stress and the behaviours that employees exhibit under stress.


2. Delivering brochures: BEC provided information brochures to its clients' employees. These brochures included some basic knowledge on stress management, an introduction to the employee assistant program, details of the EAP process at their own company, and instructions on how to seek help from BEC.


3. Setting up a toll-free helpline: BEC set up a toll-free helpline for their customers' employees who could then use it to access one-on-one psychological consulting. BEC guaranteed that these phone conversations were confidential, which allowed the employees to openly discuss their problems with counsellors. Over 40 counsellors worked at BEC, mostly as part-time employees, and made up of undergraduate and graduate students who were majoring in psychology. Others were school counsellors or hospital psychologists.


4. Providing on-site training sessions: BEC also provided on-site training to its customers. Attendees at these on-site training sessions ranged from front-line employees to senior managers. The training also provided managers with stress management skills.

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Reference no: EM13670113

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