How would you describe the process of thinking

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1. As a parent of a young child, you are concerned about giving your child a head start. Which theory - Piaget's or Vygotsky's - do you like the best? Why? Based on your choice of theory, what type of activities/tools would you choose to make available to your child? Why?

2. How would you describe the process of thinking? What do you consider to be the major component in thinking? Why?

Reference no: EM13933786

Retribution and rehabilitate debate

Some people argue that sentencing should be done as retribution to an offender while others insist sentencing should be done to rehabilitate the offender and return him or h

The college needs to track the student id

For each student, the college needs to track the student ID, student names, addresses, start date, phone numbers and types (such as mobile, home, work), email addresses a

Why multiculturalism is a controversial subject

Discussed the reasons why multiculturalism is a controversial subject. Gave a complete explanation as to how structural functionalism, social conflict, and symbolic interact

Are these lines of questioning appropriate why or why not

During an interview the interviewer asks the candidate if he/she can perform the essential functions of the job. Are these lines of questioning appropriate? Why or why not? Wh

List and explain description for europe-s population trends

List and explain three description for Europe's population trends since 1950. For instance, in United States, there was large population increase beginning in 1950s

Find an example of a middle range theory

Find an example of a middle range theory that does not contain a conceptual model. Create a model (narrative or graphical) that depicts the relationships between and among t

Traditional library sources versus web-based research source

Argue for or against which source (Traditional Library Sources versus Web-based Research Sources) would be better to prepare for a debate on changing the state’s laws on smoki

Three main types of feminism

What are the three main types of feminism? Is there one of these that seems to make the most sense? Why did feminism decline around 1920 and then regain momentum in the 1960


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