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1. In at least 400 of your own words, describe psychosocial modifiers of stress, including hardiness, Type A and Type B behavior patterns. Next, explain the associations between stress, behavior, physiology, psychoneuroimmunology, and illness.

2. Define needs assessment and describe how it involves organization, person, and task analyses. Which one of these analyses do you think is the most important? Why? If you had to conduct a needs assessment for a training a new barista at Starbucks, hich needs assessments technique(s) would you use and why?

3. How would you define "business research"? Why is it an important part of corporate success? When dealing with business research, would you prefer the idea of conducting quantitative or qualitative research? Explain your reasoning behind your choice.

Reference no: EM132279753

Name the five types of customer-introduced variability

Name the five types of customer-introduced variability and discuss options that let companies offer a high level of accommodation at low cost or reduced variability without da

Suppose that the demand rate for an item

Suppose that the demand rate for an item could be modeled as a continuous linearly decreasing function of time: xt=a-bt where a>0, b>0 and where t=0 is the present time. Calcu

The variable cost of a burger meal

The variable cost of a burger meal is 50 cents, the revenue of a burger meal is $1.00. Your fixed costs are $200,000 a year. You also need to give 5% of your annual revenues t

Select best answer and give a two-to-three sentence

Jones comes to you to consult about his options in this whole affair. He wants to sue for $575,000 to recover on the medical expenses; the cost of the trip (which, with the

Variable cost of burger meal

The variable cost of a burger meal is 50 cents. The revenue of a burger meal is $2. With fixed costs is $200K per year. 5% of annual revenues is given to franchisor annually f

The focus of our listening forum

List what you notice in the music itself--the instruments being used, the unique timbre (bright, dark, heavy, light, gravelly, pure, round, jagged, etc.) of these instruments,

Example restaurant order fulfillment process

What sustainability issues are present in the example restaurant order fulfillment process example (Exhibits 7.6 to 7.11)? What other restaurant processes need to include sust

How many turnstiles should be opened in each direction

The typical subway station in Washington, DC, has six turnstiles, each of which can be controlled by the station manager to be used for either entrance or exit control-but n


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