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Questions 1 and 2

1) A member (SusAnne) tells you she wants to work, yet she keeps herself very vague and global. What do you say to her?

She needs to be determined about what she chose. For example, if she wants to work to prove herself then she needs to make her decision in becoming who and what she wants to be.

2) You are leading a group and ask, "Who wants to work?" There is a long silence and nobody gives any indication of wanting to work. What assumptions might you draw from this situation? What might you say?

Questions 3-6

3) Assume that after Casey disclosed that she was gay, one member of the group said, "Casey, I need to let you know that I have a hard time hearing this, because I am not comfortable with homosexuality." How would you intervene?

4) In a role play, Casey spoke to her symbolic mother in Vietnamese. As she did so, what did you observe?

5) Would you have any concerns for Casey if she indicated her intention to tell her mother that she is gay? Would you address your concerns with her? Why or why not?

6) What would you say if several group members began pressuring Casey to talk to her mother in real life and let her know about her sexual orientation?

Question 7 How would you decide what to focus on with Jyl? Would you focus on her sadness over losing her father? Her issues with men? Her disappointment of not having become a pianist? What would guide you in your decision?

Question 8 Given that Jackie has insight into her behavior, would you be inclined to suggest homework to her, and if so, what would this be?

Questions 9 Jacqueline talks about striving to get her mother's approval. What strategies would you use to facilitate her work?

Questions 10 Discuss what you consider to be the pros and cons of the leader being utilized by group members in role play.

Questions 11 How were you personally affected as you observed Darren's work described above? How might that influence the way you work with him?

Questions 12 Assume you are leading the group and after Darren's work, he announces, "I'm feeling vulnerable and embarrassed. I can't believe that I lost control like that." How would you deal with this statement?

Questions 13 Assume that several members displayed anger toward James for having hurt a woman in his life. How would you respond?

Questions 14 Observe the nonverbal behavior of James when SusAnne is finished handing over to him the hurt she's been keeping inside. How might you work with the nonverbal behaviors James expresses?

Questions 16

Andrew says, "It's like I've been stabbed, in my heart and my core." What possibilities do you see of working with his symbolic and powerful words? Did any other words catch your attention for possible exploration?

3) Andrew says, "I want to let my hurt go out the back door. I want to put it in the freezer." How might you intervene?

Question 17

1) What value do you see in journal writing once a group terminates? Explain.

Questions 18

1) How do you deal with endings in your personal life? How might that influence the manner in which you address group endings?

2) What are your ethical responsibilities to group members with regard to the termination of their group? Explain.

2) What would you say to a member in your group that said he was extremely disappointed in himself for doing so little in the group?

Question 19 As a leader, how will you deal with a conflict that does not surface until the end of a group?

Questions 20 A member says, "I don't want this group to end. I'd like to see us continue meeting as a group." What would you be inclined to do?

Questions 21 Assume Jyl were to say, "I revealed a lot about myself and took risks. Now I am sorry that I did because I feel more vulnerable and won't have any place to go for support." What might you say or do?

From Corey, G., Corey, M.S., & Haynes, R. (2006). Groups in Action: Evolution and Challenges (8th ed.). Belmont, CA: Thomson Brooks/Cole.

Reference no: EM131198088

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