How would you apply the elements of instructional strategy

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How would you apply the elements of an instructional strategy to ensure that transfer of training to the job occurs? Your response should address all components of an instructional strategy. For example, when you explain the room setup, you should also explain your decision based on sound adult learning principles, learning theory and the need to ensure transfer of learning.

Reference no: EM132183999

Experience the most dramatic changes

Of the five management functions, which do you expect will experience the most dramatic changes in the next decade? Defend your answer. Which will have the least amount of cha

Understanding contingency path-goal theory of leadership

I need help with a 600 words summary on "Profitel Inc, on the behavioral perspective sets the stage for understanding transformational leadership. It also sets the stage for u

Creates and maintains web sites for client companies

The firm WebsAreUs creates and maintains Web sites for client companies. There are two types of Web sites: “Hot” sites change their layout frequently but keep their content fo

Superior security interest in the equipment

On January 1, Y-Company purchased equipment for $425,000 from Big Corporation for use in its manufacturing process. Y-Company paid for the equipment with funds borrowed from N

National labor relations act

The Landrum-Griffin Act of 1959 amended the National Labor Relations Act of 1935 to allow state to pass “right-to-work” laws which ban unions in their state. Is this statement

What is the after-tax cash flow from the sale

Consider the following values. NOIn+1: $2.8 million. Cap rate: 7.5%. Brokerage commission: 3%. Remaining mortgage balance: $12 million. Remaining book value: $14 million. To

Assignment on employment interviewing strategy

Assignment on Employment Interviewing Strategy, Scenario: You are the Human Resources Director of Recruitment for XYZ Enterprises, and you are charged with developing an int

Illustrate what general steps should hank follow in setting

Illustrate what are causes of quality problem on Greasex lines. Display your answer on a fishbone diagram. Illustrate what General steps should Hank follow in setting up a c


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