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Managers need to understand the impact on the financial viability of a health service organization for providing care to the uninsured or underinsured. Review the following case scenario and provide a substantive 150 to 200 word response that thoroughly answers each of the following questions:

Joe Smith is a 27- year-old Caucasian male who works two part-time jobs for two different construction companies. Joe has been having dizzy spells off and on for the past two months. While driving to work one day, he loses consciousness and is involved in a motor vehicle accident. Joe is admitted to your not-for-profit hospital with a broken leg and multiple lacerations.

Does Mr. Smith fit the typical profile for an uninsured person in the United States? Justify your answer.

How will your hospital most likely be reimbursed for Mr. Smith's medical care?

During the recent economic downturn, your community has experienced unemployment rates of approximately 9%. What can be done to mitigate the effects of the financial impact to your organization?

Utilize at least one scholarly source, cited in correct APA format that supports factual statements and conclusions about the topic.

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The following solution discusses criteria for qualifying an insurance cover and looks at some of the factors to consider. the solution is 200 words in total and prepared in MS word. it has a cover page, the body and reference section. I confirm it is the answer to the questions.

Reference no: EM131420531

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