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Question :Self-Evaluation

Reflect on your learning throughout this course.


How well did you accomplish the two goals you set in your introduction in Week One? What were two or three things that had the greatest influence on the outcome of your goals?

What were the three most important and/or exciting things you learned during this course?

How will you utilize this new knowledge in your classroom or future classroom?

How has this course helped you to see any additional career options you might have or reaffirmed your current path?

Lastly, what is one thing you learned in this class that you feel is important but you need/want to learn more about as you continue on your education path? 300-400 word

NOTE: (TWO GOALS) : My ought most goals are to complete all assignment, journals, and post on time. Time management is vital in accomplishing this task. Researching the said topic ahead of time, making certain that all writing and thinking skills are adequate in developing an interesting and sensible assignment.

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In this, we have provided the two major goals that accomplished in week one. Also, tell the most important thing that we learned in this week. Also, inform how we have utilized that knowledge for future classroom and how this will help in career options.

Reference no: EM131488603

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