How will you manage the risks to your project

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Milestones are the critical points in a project's timeline that help you monitor if your project is remaining on schedule.Completing a deliverable will always be a milestone, but there will often be other critical points leading to the deliverable that should also be named as milestones.

Write your milestones as a statement of what you will have accomplished. You may have one or more milestones for each deliverable.
What are your milestones for this deliverable?

Milestone 1: __________________________________________

Milestone 2: __________________________________________

Milestone 3: __________________________________________

Activities are things you need to accomplish to meet your milestones, leading to completing the deliverables.

Sequential activities are those activities that cannot be completed until another activity is complete.

Concurrent activities are those activities that can happen simultaneously.

What are your activities for this deliverable, and which are sequential and which concurrent? List these on the back of this sheet or on the individual note cards/sticky notes provided. Mark each with an "S" or a "C" for sequential or concurrent.

Tasks are individual to-do items. Usually there will be multiple tasks for each activity. What are your tasks to complete each activity? List these on the back of this sheet or on the individual note cards/sticky notes provided.

Discuss how long you need to allow for completing each activity and task. Record that on the back of this sheet or on the individual note cards/sticky notes provided.

Work Time: This is how long it will actually take to do the activity or task.

Sequencing is putting milestones, activities, and tasks in the order they will be completed. What order do your activities and tasks need to follow so you can meet your deliverables? Combining your milestones, activities, tasks with sequencing, work time, and elapsed time will give you a schedule for your project. Use the chart below to record your project sequence.

C. Resources Needed

-Resource planning means considering all the things that you will need to complete the project. This might be money, space, supplies, or materials. The Quality & Risk Manager can lead this. Different groups may require similar resources so it is important the Communication Managers from each group communicate and work together.

D. Risk Management Plan

Managing risk means reducing the likelihood and/or impact of negative events. The Quality & Risk Manager should lead the development of the plan.

How will you manage the risks to your project?

Reference no: EM131279689

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