How will you help carrie understand the cultural values

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Understanding Others' Cultural Practices ( Citation is a MUST, 100 - 200 words)

Kesha has invited her friend Carrie to go home with her over the school's short holiday break. Kesha, like many African Americans, has a rich spiritual tradition that permeates most areas of her life. In addition, Kesha is close to her immediate and extended family. Carrie, on the other hand, comes from a predominantly Caucasian Presbyterian background, is an only child, and rarely sees any of her extended family.

During her visit, Carrie is noticeably uncomfortable with the vastly different dynamics of Kesha's family. Carrie is rethinking her friendship with Kesha and wants to withdraw from her.

How will you help Carrie understand the cultural values inherent in the African American culture and how these might be affecting her?

Suggest ways in which Kesha could build a bridge to help Carrie understand the African American culture.

Reference no: EM131368216

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