How will various provisions of treaty hurt germanys economy

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Case Study: Versailles: The Allies' "Last Horrible Triumph"

You will read the comments of the German Delegation to the Paris Peace Conference on the conditions of the peace which ended World War 1. You will find that document in the webliography. Many have argued that it was the way World War 1 ended which made World War 2 inevitable. Read the document and answer the following questions:

According to the authors of Germany's complaint, how will various provisions of the treaty hurt Germany's economy?

In Germany's view, how would the country have been treated differently if the principles they attribute to President Wilson had been applied?

To what higher "fundamental laws" does the document appeal to in order to strengthen German assertions?

Do you agree with the authors of the document that Germany was being poorly treated? What response to their complaints might defenders of the treaty have made?

Reference no: EM131006753

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