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Sketch two (2) alternative interface designs for the ATM and indicate which alternative you prefer.

The goal of this assignment is to exercise your user interface design abilities. Creativity in balancing usability with the constraints of the interface will be essential to successfully completing this assignment.

You should design your interface for a square touchscreen that is approximately 250mm (10") in width and height. The resolution of the screen is not defined, but you can assume that the screen will have around 72 dpi. Remember that you are sketching your interface designs. We do not want to see designs that are accurate to the pixel-level.

When making your designs, consider the broad range of potential users for the ATM, including the elderly. Also consider the implications of replacing the physical buttons that are commonly found on ATMs with just a touchscreen. How will people know that the screen is touch-sensitive? How can you address problems that are common with touch screens, such as the mismatch between where the user actually touched and where they think they touched?

Your ATM interface must support the following functions:

• Entering a PIN to access the ATM;
• Fast Cash Withdrawal in these amounts: 20, 50, 100, 200;
• Withdrawal in any amount;
• Deposit of any amount;
• Check the account balance.

For withdrawals, deposits, and balance checking, you can assume that the user may want to inspect either their savings or cheque account.

The user should be able to display the account balance on the ATM screen or print the balance.

All of these functions must be included in the user interface, but they do not need to be included on the one screen. Make sure it is clear in your sketches how the user navigates between the various screens.

You must submit a design document that provides an overall description of your two designs and the concept that you have for how they will work so that we can understand your motivation and design rationale. Be sure to describe some of the advantages and disadvantages of each of your design alternatives. This description should be about one (1) page in length.

Your document should include a sketch or wireframe for each screens of each design with a brief description of each component. Balsamiq

Mockups is the ideal tool to use to create these wireframes. However, a good hand drawn sketch that is scanned and embedded into the document is also perfectly acceptable.

This is a brief preliminary concept design so you don't need great detail in your sketch or wireframe. Make sure that we can see the difference between your alternative designs.


This assignment covers the following learning outcomes of this subject:

Components of human computer interaction.

Cognitive framework - perception and representation, attention and memory constraints, knowledge and mental models, metaphors and conceptual models, social and organisational aspects, user level of expertise.

Human interaction with input and output devices, interactive styles and their relevance to context.

Principles of Graphic Design.


You are to present a report that has the following sections:

• Design concept. This should be a description of your design concept and your rationale for these designs.

• Design 1. This should be a description of this design. It should include all sketches or wireframes and show major components, their functionality and how you see it working.

• Design 2. This should be a description of your alternative design. It should include all sketches or wireframes and show major components, their functionality and how you see it working.

Advantages and Issues. This could be a table that lists all the advantages and issues for each of your alternative designs. Alternatively, you could list the advantages and issues for each design at the end of each design section. That choice is yours, but don't leave them out. Remember to be honest with yourself about advantages and issues. After all, you're the one who'll have to fix them!

Reference no: EM13996934

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