How will institutions need to change to support a transition

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Here are a few questions to guide your viewing of the film. You might want to takeother notes as well.

1. What is a Transition Town?

2. How and why did the Transition Movement get started?

3. How would you interpret this movement drawing on themes and concepts from class?

a. What role can markets play in facilitating a transition to a more sustainable society?

b. How do certain kinds of power dynamics associated withcorporations and the capitalist system challenge efforts to facilitate atransition?

c. How will institutions need to change to support a transition?

d. How will our perceptions and assumptions about nature and societyand energy and what is necessary for a good life need to change?

e. Is there an ethical argument in the film? What is its basis?

4. The film is divided up into the following sections. What are some specificexamples of how Transition Towns are working in each of these arenas?

a. Foodb. Educationc. Economyd. Transportatione. Buildingf. Governmentg. Energy

5. Listen to the lyrics of the closing song. Describe your reaction.

6. Why is it "an extraordinary time to be alive" according to one woman? Doyou agree? Why or why not? What role if any do you see yourself playing in the Transition Movement (now or in the future)?

Reference no: EM131290808

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