How wil he propose wit out touching

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A girl is blind,deaf,dumb nd uneducated too. A boy loves her. How wil he propose wit out touching her? its a Infosys interview question Reply if u can.. Its a challenge. if you know answer please reply otherwise send all our friends and collect the answer

Reference no: EM131131068

Is it ethical for someone to refuse the vaccine

Do you think that for more common diseases, for example measles, that it is ethical for the state to allow people to refuse vaccines (even for religious grounds)? What if th

Explain which interest group represents you the best

Choose any three currently active interest groups in American politics and describe the resources that they have, as outlined in the textbook. Investigate how these resource

Given a personality test at different stages of their lives

Then summarize the materials and questionnaires employed in the study and the procedure involved. Give specifics about how the experiment(s) was conducted, for example, were

Explain international strategic response to terrorism

Evaluate the added contribution of international response elements to national efforts as part of an overall strategy to combat terrorism. Identify and assess three central

United states court of appeals for the fifth circuit

On writ of Certiorari to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. The Fifth Circuit held that the order modified by the District Court allowing the prayer

Insuffficient physical activity

The causes of childhood obesity in the United States are unhealthy eating, insuffficient physical activity, and genetics. With a team of your classmates, come up with a poli

How does gender oppression affect men and women differently

What is the difference between an individual's sex and an individual's gender? How are people in the United States socialized to understand gender roles and expectations? How

Neutrality of the law is problematic for women

Feminists claim that the presumed neutrality of the law is problematic for women, because under the guise of legal neutrality, the law protects men's power. Support or refut


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