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Then write a debriefing report that includes the "pros" and "cons" of the four options presented to the vice president and division manager in the case study. Include a recommendation for the one of the four options you feel would be the most appropriate solution. If none of the four options is the appropriate solution, recommend a new option.

In your response remember to address the following:

  • How well staff is able to handle the option
  • Key applications and their ability to work with the type of system
  • Tools available that work with the type of system
  • Stability of vendor[s]
  • Cost
  • Consistency with business group strategies and vision
  • Budget and capacity planning
  • Software licensing

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The report focus on the company named IMT Custom Machine Company Inc. and on the selection of effective information technology platform. The report further focus on the pros and cons of the four information system that has already been given in the case study of this report along with a recommendation that will discuss how the staff will handle the selected information system, Key applications and their ability to work with the type of system. - Tools available that work with the type of system. - Stability of vendor. - Cost. - Consistency with business group strategies and vision. - Budget and capacity planning. - Software licensing. This is done in Microsoft office word .

Reference no: EM13951179

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